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Transfer request to other universities

The registered student can transfer to other universities by submitting an application to the Rector as of August 1st and no later than the dates established by the university of interest.
Deadlines have been set in order to avoid mistakes regarding educational programs and administrative purposes. Therefore it is advisable to request the university of interest detailed information regarding when, where and how the application forms for the transfer have to be presented. Only in exceptional cases, for serious documented reasons, can the Rector agree to transfer the student beyond the dates established.
The transfer application needs to be on legal paper and has to be submitted to the proper Student Office by using the forms attached. You may also get these forms from the Student offices, including the following:

  • Registration booklet and magnetic card;
  • Declaration of not having returned library books;
  • Certificate from "U.O.C. Diritto allo studio" of nothing outstanding

Students who have transferred to other universities cannot return unless a calendar year has passed, except for serious documented reasons.
Students who have not paid their taxes or tuition cannot obtain transfer.