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Scholarships and awards


The University, with the contribution of the Regional Authority of Lombardy, offers its student scholarships according to the national and regional legislation, in order to "ensure that capable and deserving students, even when deprived of financial resources, can achieve the highest levels of education". Students eligible for scholarships are exempt from all or part of University fees and contributions.

The scholarships are awarded by means of an open competition, based on:

  • Their financial conditions as represented by their ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator) and ISPE (Equivalent Property Situation Indicator)
  • Merit (for freshers: a score of at least 70/100 in their high school final examination; for all candidates: achieving all of the university credits required in the scholarship announcement by the deadline);
  • Place of residence (on-site, off-site or commuter).

The amount, partly in cash and partly in services, varies depending on the income bracket (calculated based on the ISEE and ISPE values) of the student's household. To enter the competition, students need to submit the online application by the annual deadline of 30 September, as indicated in the announcement that is published each year in July.

For information: diritto-studio@unibs.it

Grants and awards

The University announces, also thanks to the financing of external bodies, (student), grants and degree awards that are intended for its students and graduates.

For information: premi-studenti@unibs.it

Please refer to the relative page for information on current calls for applications (in italian).