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PhD programmes

NOTICE! Online assistance of Tutors to Non-EU students to fill-in the application form to request/renew the residence permit, we invite you to visit the web page at https://www.unibs.it/node/22920 - The service is in English language too. 

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The PhD Programme is a III level study programme open to holders of II level degrees (Master of Science degree or similar academic qualification awarded abroad and considered equivalent in terms of duration, level and field of study). Upon conclusion of the educational and research prospectus, after passing the final exam, the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is awarded.
It is a (minimum) 3-year-course which aims to provide the necessary skills to practice higher education research activities in public and private institutions, as well as the qualifications to practice as a self-employed professional, contributing to the creation of the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area. Specific PhD Programmes may also be launched via agreements with other Italian or foreign universities, public or private institutions of adequate cultural and scientific qualification, or in agreement with public bodies or enterprises.
The study prospectus involves compulsory educational activities, which may be shared between multiple PhD Programmes, including basic and advanced disciplinary and interdisciplinary training, further language and IT training, specific training in research management and in approaching  european and international research systems, as well as in promotion of research results and intellectual property. Every PhD student, under the supervision and responsibility of a Tutor, also defines and develops a specific and personal research project that will culminate in the completion of a PhD thesis. It is also possible to undertake periods of study and research abroad, at public and private institutions.
Admission to the PhD Programme is subject to competitive application. The University of Brescia (view presentation or other videos on youtube.com/c/unibs_official) publishes an annual call for applications to PhD Programmes, indicating for each programme the number of positions available with a study grant, regulated according to Article 9 of Ministerial Decree n. 45/2013, and those without study grant. Calls for applications are generally published in early Summer each year. For further information please contact dottorati@unibs.it