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Information Engineering - Educational Goals

Information engineering has nowadays become pervasive in the most advanced sectors of scientific research and undoubtedly has a remarkable impact on productive, social and economic aspects, both nationwide and internationally.

A specific feature of information engineering is related to the diversity of disciplines that, within a common cultural and scientific framework, are included and blended in the area. Electronics, computer engineering and control systems, telecommunications, with a fundamental interaction with underpinning science, indeed represent the fields where both basic and applied research can develop, ranging form physical sciences to all sectors of information engineering.

The Research Doctorate (PhD) course in Information Engineering is intended to provide a qualified and up-to-date 3rd-level education and training program in the areas of strongest interest and scientific impact in all backbone sectors of information engineering. PhD students are offered the opportunity to engage in highly competitive research activities, with a marked national and international valence, aiming at excellence levels in the respective disciplines.

The Board of Professors (Collegio dei Docenti), by including a variety of  specific competences and expertise, fully reflects the interdisciplinary nature of information engineering, and adequately covers the scope and complementariness of the sectors that form the area in its more modern and updated acceptation.

The PhD program is structured in four curricula:

- Curriculum in Electronics Engineering, Sensors and Instrumentation

- Curriculum in Computer Science/Engineering and Control Systems

- Curriculum in Telecommunication Engineering

- Curriculum in Physical Sciences for Engineering