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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Info on the PhD program


Prof. Laura Depero

Website: PhD program in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Chair of the “Materials for Engineering” division: prof. Laura Deperolaura.depero@unibs.it;;

Chair of the “Applied Mechanics” division: prof. Giovanni Legnani, giovanni.legnani@unibs.it;

Chair of the “Design and Management of Integrated Logistic and Production Systems” division: prof. Marco Perona, marco.perona@unibs.it;

Chair of the “Energy, Fluid&Thermal, and Manufacturing Systems and Technologies” division: prof. Pietro Poesio, pietro.poesio@unibs.it;

PhD student representatives: Marco Ardolino, m.ardolino@unibs.it; Gian Maria Noventa, g.noventa002@unibs.it; Nicolò Bontempi, n.bontempi002@unibs.it; Luca Simoni,  l.simoni002@unibs.it.


Call for PhD Applications XXXVI Cycle, A.Y 2020/2021, now open.
The Registration online procedure, according to the Call for Admissions a.y. 2020/21, opens June 29th, at 14:00. 
Closing of on-line applications (registration): without exception by 14.00 hours (Italian time) on 18 August 2020