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Technology for Health

Information on the PhD program

Coordinator: Prof. Emilio Sardini

Website: PhD program in Technology for Health

The Doctoral Program in “Technology for health” trains graduate students through a strong interdisciplinary education in engineering, medical and biological knowledge to develop high level problem-solving abilities of the students focalized to address the issue of Health. Nowadays these fields of research are of enormous scientific and technical interest to both industry, governmental organizations, and to the society in general. These competences prepare Ph.D. candidates to work inside a research group, private or public industrial contexts.

The doctorate opens interesting possibilities of extended study and participation in high level research and develop also skill that helps the future doctorates to be innovator throught the creation of spin off and start-up companies.

The Doctorate was born in the 2009 to solve scientific aspects of  social necessity of human health with a new formula that includes a strict collaboration between medical and engineering scientific areas.

Scientific collaboration of  Faculty members with prestigious research institutes in Europe, the United States and elsewhere, facilitates the entrance into the world of international research through meetings with scientists and visits to foreign laboratories.

The research activity is complemented by an educational offer which proposes ad hoc advanced courses specifically projected for PhD audience.


Call for PhD Applications XXXVI Cycle, A.Y 2020/2021, now open.
The Registration online procedure, according to the Call for Admissions a.y. 2020/21, opens June 29th, at 14:00. 
Closing of on-line applications (registration): without exception by 14.00 hours (Italian time) on 18 August 2020