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Molecular Genetics, Biotechnologies and Experimental Medicine - Educational Goals

PhD in Molecular Genetics, Biotechnologies and Experimental Medicine

Educational Goals

The overall goal and mission of the PhD Program in Molecular Genetics, Biotechnologies and Experimental Medicine is to promote and develop an advanced training and education of PhD students in the field of Molecular Genetics, Biotechnologies and Experimental Medicine.
This with the main objective to train young researchers and professionals in the three curricula of the PhD Program:
1) Molecular Genetics Applied to Molecular Sciences
2) Biotechnologies for the Health and the Environment
3) Forensic Medical Sciences  

The PhD program is designed to prepare students for careers in basic, medical and industrial research in academia, in research institutes, in private/public services and companies in the expanding areas of biotechnology for the health and the environment, genomics, medical genetics, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, forensic biology and genetics.

PhD students enrolled in a curriculum will develop a specific research project, they will acquire specific technological skills, but they will have the possibility to train in a multidisciplinary environment. Research and innovation require in any field competent individuals able to cooperate with smart skills also in communication.

The PhD program provides:
a) research projects of high impact (see thematic areas),
b) all the technological platforms  necessary for training in advanced research;
c) residential courses dealing with broad topics (I year), residential courses specific for each curriculum (II and III year).
These residential courses are organized by the Members of the PhD Board and they will be formal lectures, research lectures by staff members or invited guests, as well as interactive tutorial activities in the form of journal club, progress report. All these educational activities are planned in English, also those by PhD students. 
The whole PhD course aims to produce competent PhD graduates with substantial analytical, critical and evaluation skills necessary for a successful research/professional activity.