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In this section you can find the administration information and forms useful for the PhD courses and students.

NOTICEHealth Emergency Coronavirus: The PhD Secretariat in via San Faustino 74/B is closed to public until further notice. For Information write to dottorati@unibs.it

We invite all students and external users to visit UNIBS official web page on this matter at https://www.unibs.it/node/22555/ and on UNIBS homepage under NEWS at https://en.unibs.it/



Academic activities and access to UNIBS buildinds by PhD students: UNIBS Chancellor's communication

As defined by the guidelines approved by the Academic Senate in the session of 21 July, the provisions relating to academic teaching activities also apply to the PhD courses, masters, advanced courses and post-graduate courses in all.

Access to the facilities by doctoral students is subject to the same conditions in place for students, i.e. in the absence of symptoms of acute respiratory infections (temperature higher than 37.5 ° C, cough, difficulties in sensing smell and taste). In all university environments, the use of the surgical mask is required, the spacing and maximum capacity of the premises must be respected.
For admissions that do not require a seat reservation in the classroom, the self-declaration relating to health conditions is required. It is available at the page: https://www.unibs.it/sites/default/files/ricerca/allegati/autocertificaz... % 20access% 20external.pdf

In compliance with the above precautionary measures, the use of the premises intended for doctoral students is permitted after completing a daily attendance register (see the attached facsimile).

The Chancellor, Prof. Maurizio Tira

Access to UNIBS premises to PhD students