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Enrolment to PhD programs - Years following the first one


At the end of each Programme year, PhD students shall submit a report on the research activity undertaken to the Board of Professors, with the exception of those who are benefiting from postponed study periods. When the Board of Professors of the respective PhD courses proceeds in admitting or not admitting to the PhD students to the following year, the U.O.C. Dottorati e Scuole di Specializzazione will register the PhD students at the Academic Year 2020/2021.

For the A.Y. 2020/2021, the following contributions are set for students enrolled on PhD courses, whether they benefit from a grant or do not benefit from a grant:

  • Stamp duty € 16.00

  • Regional contribution for the Right to Education (Lombardy Region) € 140.00;

Total € 156.00 as a yearly contribution, to be paid through a specific UNIBS contribubution number (IUV).

Once the U.O.C. Dottorati e Scuole di Specializzazione registers the enrolment to the following year, students benefitting from a grant and NOT benefitting from a grant shall download the IUV contribution number from own personal profile and proceed in paying the yearly contribution using the new system of PAGO PA. See instructions in RELATED WEBSITES.

Students recipients from a grant and those who waive the benefit from a grant must follow the same administrative procedures set above.

Students who, in the past, have suspended their PhD career due maternity leave, illness, etc., must regularize their enrolment ONLY after having recovered the period of suspension, according to what has been approved by the PhD Board of Professors' Report.

Those PhD students who started late in the academic year (e.g. non-Italians who arrived after 01.11) will start later, and will be enrolled the following year after they have completed their regular training course and be admitted by the respective PhD course Board of Professors.