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Contacts and Reception Hours

Right to Study 
Viale Europa, 39 - 25133 Brescia - Tel +39 (0)30 2016011 - Fax +39 (0)30 2008470

Service Desk Opening Hours: Monday and Thursday from 10 am to 12.30 pm

For those who are unable to visit the Service Desk, for Study Grant and/or Catering services only, appointments can be made for Monday (for issues related to scholarship) and Thursday fternoon (for issues related to the Catering service) writing an email to bandoservizi@unibs.it


Halls of Residence Reception Desk
Via Valotti, 3/b - 25133 Brescia - Tel +39 (0)30 2016081
Opening hours: 24h every day
Mail: reception@unibs.it