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150 hours and tutoring

Student collaboration (150 hours)

A call for applications (bando), related to student collaboration projects and activities connected to the University’s services, is published each year by the Università degli Studi di Brescia.
Each collaborative project counts for a maximum of 150 hours. The fee for such activities is set at Euro 6.20 per hour and is exempt from individual income tax.

Students duly registered at the Università degli Studi di Brescia that have exceeded at least two-fifths of the credit points required by their study programme, based on the year of enrolment, may participate in the selection process.
Matriculated students in the first year of Specialized or Master degree programmes can also be admitted, as long as registration between the two cycles is continuous. Assessment of the above-mentioned students shall be performed with reference to the first level of their study programme.

Please refer to the relative page for information regarding the 150 hour collaboration call for applications (bando).

Tutoring service

The tutoring service is aimed at students enrolled in Year 1, and aims to provide them with the necessary information on entry, to guide and help them to choose the best options for their study programme, to identify the critical general issues and particular difficulties they may encounter and to give them advice and guidance to help overcome any problems. A tutoring service is also available for international students and serves to guide and assist them with academic issues and the right to education, in addition to providing support in dealing with government offices and the paperwork related to the issue of “permessi di soggiorno” (staying permits). The service engages students or degree graduates of the Università degli Studi di Brescia, who are enrolled in “Laurea specialistica/magistrale” (Specialized or Master) degree programmes or are in their last years of “Laurea magistrale/specialistica a ciclo unico” (combined bachelor and master degree or Specialized degree) programmes at the University School, and are coordinated by a professor, responsible for each School. Click on the relative link for details on the tutoring services offered by each School. Involvement in tutoring service activities requires participation in the call for applications (bando) - selection procedure, which is published each year on the relative page.