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Conference - Healthy Eating in Brescia: City and Families together

On Wednesday, 9th December 2015 at 09:30 am in the Santa Giulia auditorium on via Giovanni Piamarta 4, the conference will be held entitled: "Healthy eating in Brescia: City and Families together" with the presentation of healthy eating guidelines for the citizens of Brescia, born from the food education project " AliMENTarsi- Impariamo mangiando" (Let's learn about healthy eating).

Among those present will be the Chancellor, Sergio Pecorelli, and Dr. Barbara Zanini, a research fellow in Gastroenterology within the Department of Clinical and Experimental Science.

The project, with a number of informative, educational and cultural activities, along with workshops and events aimed at everyone in Brescia, was sponsored by the City of Brescia in coordination with 18 partners from public, private and non-profit organisations (universities, catering companies, associations and foundations).

After events at important locations around the city and initiatives with Brescia locals of all ages, the project and the City present their guidelines for healthy eating for the people of Brescia, in the interests of welfare, culture, community and environmental sustainability.

At the conference there will be representatives of Universities and Bodies engaged in the transmission and management of the food policy principles, which were publicized in the Expo year and which the Charter of Milan, signed by thousands of people and public bodies, recalls in its commitment to healthy and sustainable food sources

Wednesday, December 9, 2015