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Enactus Presentation Event

On Wednesday 25 November at 5:30 pm Enactus program will be presented to the students of University of Brescia. Enactus allows young people to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed, thus building on the experience of youth social action, enterprise, and entrepreneurship.  

Enactus is an international organization that involves students, academic and business leaders with the aim of creating a sustainable future for all of us. To achieve this goal, students are encouraged to create an Enactus team and carry on innovative and entrepreneurial projects in a sustainable way.

Enactus is present in 36 countries, involving more than 1,700 universities and 70,000 students.

Each Enactus team participates to the National Competition where the best projects will be selected to expose at the Enactus World Cup, which brings together students from all over the world.

Starting from this academic year, the University of Brescia is a partner of Enactus.


To participate in the presentation, you can register here: https://forms.gle/zd3eFCx8QADa4k7a6

You will receive a link to join the presentation.

For more information, contact Michela Borghetti (michela.borghetti@unibs.it) or Francesca Chiesa (fchiesa@enactus.org).


Wednesday, November 25, 2020