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Agreement for scientific collaboration between UniBs and Pakistan

The University of Brescia signs an agreement for scientific collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of the Government of Pakistan.

The document signed by the Rector, prof. Maurizio Tira, with the Higher Education Commission of the Government of Pakistan, is an important convention related to the PhD Research Courses of the University of Brescia, with the aim to promote the admission of Pakistani students to the academic courses at the University. The Government of Pakistan undertakes to finance for the next 5 years up to 6 scholarships per year in favor of its citizens giving them the possibility to carry on their PhD Research studies at the University of Brescia, where nowadays there are 9 PhD students of Pakistani nationality. The amount of citizens of Pakistani nationality who live in our province is significant: they are about 17 thousand according to the data communicated by the General Consulate of Pakistan in Milan and they are employed in different economic sectors. The important trade exchanges between the province of Brescia and Pakistan do confirm that the consequences deriving from agreements can positively affect the territory, as it is expected to happen with the one signed on 3rd December 2020.

This morning the Rector Maurizio Tira has taken part into the live streaming cerimony together with the Ambassador of Pakistan in Italy H.E. Jauhar Saleem, three officials of the Higher Education Commission, Hassan Jalil Shah, Ayesha Ikram and Arshad Bashir, prof. Roberto Ranzi, the Rector’s Delegate for International Affairs, Cooperation and Development, who has promoted the Agreement, Prof. Marina Pizzi, the Rector’s Delegate for Reasearch, Vittorio Ferrari the Rector’s Delegate for Reasearch Quality Management and Postgraduate Studies, Manzoor A. Chaudhry, Consul of Pakistan in Milan, Tanveer Asghar representing the Pakistani community of Brescia and Muhammad Usman Liaqat, representing the PhD students of the University of Brescia who have conveyed their wishes for a close collaboration in the high education and research with the University of Brescia.



Thursday, December 3, 2020