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Call for PhD Programmes a.y. 2017/2018 now open

The Call for Applications to the XXXIII cycle of PhD programmes (starting on November 1st 2017) at the University of Brescia is now open until the closing deadline of 25th August 2017.

The application procedures and admission selections are open, with no citizenship limitation, to candidates who hold a five-years’ Italian degree (Laurea Magistrale), or similar academic degree obtained abroad, comparable in duration and contents with the Italian qualification.

The application process must be completed via a dedicated online procedure.

The admission selections of candidates are performed based on the specific criteria and requirements established for each PhD programme as described in the Annex A to the Call for Applications.

According the procedures established for each PhD programme, oral admission exams may be taken in some cases in a language other than Italian. If so specified for the considered PhD programme, candidates resident abroad may sit the oral exam remotely, on the prescribed date / time, by using an audio and video teleconference device (e.g. Skype).

Student scholarships are available for each PhD programme as described in the Annex A to the Call for Applications, according to the merit ranking list drawn up by the Admission Board.

PhD scholarships may not be combined with other student grants of any kind, except for those awarded by national or foreign institutions for use as part of PhD research activity undertaken abroad.

No enrolment fees are requested.

For the A.Y. 2017/2018, only a total contribution of €156,00 is set for students enrolled on PhD programmes, irrespective of their scholarship.

Each PhD student is ensured the access to fully equipped laboratories, study rooms, libraries and facilities, and a budget for research activity in Italy and abroad is available.

Accomodations for PhD students in student houses can be accessible upon request subject to availability.

Friday, August 11, 2017