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Coronavirus | Phase 3. Letter of the Rector to all UniBs students

Dearest Students,

First of all, I hope that this letter will find you and your families well. Moreover, I sincerely hope that you were able to take some time off – though it was too short a break! - and that your summer exam session was successful.

A very special greeting to the freshmen, who are starting their university life during one of the most particular moments of our history. You are all welcome!

I wish I could write to you in a more stable situation as for the ongoing pandemic emergency, but as you all know the outbreak trend is still unpredictable.

We are regularly monitoring the situation, thanks to the observatory set up by ASST Spedali Civili di Brescia, where many of our colleagues are involved and hold roles of responsibility, including in the disciplines most directly involved with the pandemic.

Anyway, our university community, in harmony with the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities and the Ministry of University and Research, has been working constantly in order to arrange spaces and procedures capable of ensuring all members of our community, whether they are teachers, technical-administrative staff, or students, to gradually and safely come back. A consistent effort has been made and we are indebted to many colleagues for their great commitment and to the entire University staff for their willingness to cooperate.

Today, we are moving within a difficult balance between the seemingly inevitable coexistence with the virus and the need, as well as the will, to resume face-to-face educational activities, but we always do so with the aim of continuing to train and live the university experience to the fullest.

Our Academic Senate has decided to encourage the presence of freshmen who are entering the university world for the first time so that they can enjoy the stimuli of this new stage as much as possible; to provide courses with important practical or experimental learning opportunities and the chance to attend workshops while guaranteeing that everyone will have the possibility of benefitting from the courses remotely.

In order to provide these lessons from a distance, our work to set up classrooms with digital streaming technologies are being completed. This will allow us to maintain our educational agreement with All of you and, in the medium term, will also allow us to launch new experiments and new "international connections".

In order to resume our routine safely, we must all assume some personal responsibilities in following the outlines rules and organizational procedures, together with some willingness to accept maximum flexibility: our lesson timetable has been scheduled for almost all macro-areas/departments/degree courses, but we must be willing to make exceptions to meet the needs of both staff and students.

In particular, I am asking you to pay special attention to all of the notices that will be sent to you and be prepared for any rescheduling of the activities should it be necessary. Nor can we exclude a further enforcement of prevention measures should we need to revise our programming.

I am therefore inviting everyone to consider how any irresponsible individual behaviour may cause serious damage to the entire community.

We were even compelled to renounce our traditional graduation ceremony in Piazza Loggia that had been initially scheduled for September 6th. However, the event will be celebrated in person no sooner than next year!

I am relying on your full collaboration and understanding in order to successfully respond to this epochal challenge and pursue our educational mission with renewed determination.

We can respond to such a challenge only by changing the paradigms we are accustomed to with some profound and solid background adaptions?.

I am aware that we are involved in this challenge and grateful for the unforeseen opportunity to improve our knowledge and skills. I look forward to welcoming you to our university this upcoming Academic Year, which is about to start at the opening ceremony in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic that will take place on October 29th. His presence encourages and drives us on and we are immensely grateful for this honour!


With the most affectionate greetings,


Maurizio Tira

Friday, September 11, 2020