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The governance team of our Rector

The Rector, Professor Maurizio Tira, and his governance team at the official Opening of the Academic Year.

La squadra di governo

The governance team includes the following:

Deputy Rector

  • Maria Grazia Speranza

Rector's Delegates

  • Rodolfo Faglia
    Relations with enterprises and promotion of innovation
  • Piero Nicolai
    Relations with Brescia health care system
  • Marina Pizzi
  • Vittorio Ferrari
    Research quality management and postgraduate studies
  • Roberto Ranzi
    International affairs
  • Arianna Coniglio
    Education and specialisation schools
  • Giovanni Turelli
    Counselling and library system
  • Franco Docchio
    Technology transfer, external relations and placement
  • Renato Camodeca
    Financial issues
  • Ivana Passamani
    Buildings and properties - "Campus Sostenibile"
  • Mario Gorlani
    Legal affairs
  • Riccardo Adamini
    Multimedia and ICT
  • Francesco Castelli
    Cooperation and development
  • Carlo Alberto Romano
    Territorial social responsibility
  • Annalisa Zanola
    Language teaching and training
  • Giulio Maternini
    Mobility Manager
  • Lucio Zavanella
    Energy Manager
  • Alberto Arenghi
Monday, December 5, 2016