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Key themes

The key themes were selected to encompass many different skills and research activities belonging to the various University of Brescia areas. As specified previously, a plan should be prepared for each theme, both allowing extensive participation of the University's internal resources, and attracting external resources and partnerships. In general, each enabling theme and each sub-project to be set up within it should:

  • be multidisciplinary/multi-departmental
  • identify clear objectives
  • be open to external contribution
  • identify the potential stakeholders (funding)
  • be accompanied by a development and sustainability plan
  • have a governance plan
  • set out the ways in which it will impact: 
    • culture
    • technological, industrial, social and economic development
    • the wellbeing of people and the environment
    • attractiveness of the territory to people, enterprises and capital
    • new educational processes (degrees and PhDs)
    • new research topics
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