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The key theme includes everything pertinent to management, use and protection of the environment as a precious resource, both for its direct effect on the health of the population and ecosystems, and the wealth and wellbeing that can be produced by enhancing and fully utilising it. The environment is understood in its entirety and therefore includes both the natural and the populated environment, characterised by the presence of farms and industries, infrastructures, urban areas and everything that has been created and modified by humans to improve every aspect of day-to-day life, from life at work to recreation, social and cultural life. Study of the environment, its development, deterioration, and the consequent impact on the population and ecosystems, the economic opportunities linked to its enhancement and full utilisation, are all key - though not exclusive - themes, which help foresee evolutionary scenarios, evaluate the economic and social effects, as well as the political choices regarding themes such as energy, transport, urbanisation and industrialisation, land use and use of natural resources in general, and use of the environmental, historical and artistic heritage (article 9 of the Italian Constitution).

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