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The key theme concerns all protective and/or risk behaviour of individuals, which result from the interplay of an individual's own characteristics, of social interaction with socio-economic and environmental living conditions.  Although not exclusively, the primary key areas of the lifestyle theme are all those initiatives able to effectively influence the risk factors for man's health and the environment, such as smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, unprotected sex, excessive exposure to UV rays or other harmful substances (biological or chemical), excessive use of noisy equipment and equipment and sources of electromagnetic field, incorrect use of private means of transport, heating/air conditioning, electricity and water, and incorrect disposal of household waste.The key areas of the "lifestyles" theme are research and educational initiatives, social planning initiatives, and health, political and economic initiatives, which require the implementation of integrated, interdisciplinary and cross-sector preventive measures, with an approach that sees people, communities and the environment as complex phenomena and that, as such, need structured, coordinated and not sectorial responses. The theme also concerns the ways to spread and adopt correct lifestyles, by supporting personal development, promoting active participation, providing preventive education, carrying out medical screening for diseases, providing education at school age and older, planning and improving the organisation of work and the working environment.

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