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The key theme concerns the processes promoting longer life expectancy in good health and increasing functional and cognitive wellbeing, so that our citizens can be happy, active, strong, independent and socially useful to an old age (healthy and active longevity). The study of longevity also concerns an understanding of the biological mechanisms that promote body ageing, and the potential interventions that prevent or slow down at the same time the main chronic diseases associated with ageing, contributing to the sustainability and efficiency of the health, social and welfare system. Although not exclusively, the key scope of action of the longevity theme are all the research, political and economic decision, industrial and health initiatives enabling maintenance of an active, healthy life for the elderly, including the continuation of work, physical activity, intellectual and social activity in a context of chronic disease control in non-hospital facilities and containing their effects on quality of life. Since the female population lives longer, but has a greater disease burden, special attention should also be paid to issues of gender medicine. Lastly, research and technological transfer initiatives are also key areas that contribute to the design of products and services related to wellbeing, longevity and active, healthy ageing.

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