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The project

No Italian University has ever faced the problem of identity themes.

Brescia has decided to make this effort to express its work in themes, thanks to three favourable conditions:

1. its size. The University of Brescia is medium-sized compared to other Italian Universities. Therefore, it is not too small, which would mean it would not have the critical mass required to enable decisions to generate impact, and not too big, which would mean that it would not be able to promote key University-scale projects with a sufficient participants;

2. composition. The University of Brescia is made up of 8 departments forming the subject matter foundations for four macro-areas of education and research: medicine, engineering, economis and law. In the university field, these are the four areas with the most direct socio-economic impact and, as such, they are well suited to studying new pathways aimed at facing the challenges of future development, including in collaboration with companies.

3. layout. The University of Brescia is unique in that it has both medicine and engineering, which share the same area close to the Public Hospitals. With the exception of the Università di Pavia and the Università di Padova, which are in any case large Universities, this happens in no other university city in North Italy. The Università di Brescia therefore has the favourable situation of being the focal point in the area of North Italy, of having the unique trait of being able to combine medicine and engineering, and being in a local area with a high concentration of enterprises and health services.

The surrounding favourable conditions, together with individuation of the theme of Health&Wealth, which has the strong capacity to create identity and address the major challenges of the century, have led to identification of the guidelines, the initial project structure and its goals.

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