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The planning dimension starts with research, progresses through testing and prototyping on a territorial scale, and finishes with implementation of industrial company models where the wellbeing dimension is not only linked to wealth but also strongly integrated with culture, man's health, environmental quality and relations between generations. The university city dimension should be adapted by strongly encouraging students to plan their future, not on a utilitarian, but on a cultural basis, and therefore with the preparation to take on great social, economic and cultural challenges. This should be the basis of the appeal of the territory, which the University of Brescia has decided to adapt in the thematic area of health and wellbeing and environmentally sustainable development, considered a necessary asset to attract young talents, new enterprises and capital.In this respect, declaring a thematic strategy is certainly a value, not only in terms of identity, but one which aims to be an influential reference on the European scene. The project should place people and the environment at the centre of development processes. 

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