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The participatory dimension

The importance and size of the project mean that it cannot be conducted autonomously by the University of Brescia. The University therefore offers itself as the driving force behind and director of the project, contributing to it with various activities, but opening itself up to the participation of other interested bodies.  
As for new knowledge and research results, in addition to those produced by the University of Brescia, it will be necessary for other Universities and Public Research Organisations to be able to take part with their own staff and the results of their own research. Institutions can help manage the activities as partners by funding projects or investing capital in entrepreneurial initiatives.  The participation of enterprises, health facilities and the territory is needed to ensure that the project has an impact and that new products and services are promoted and new culture disseminated.  
For the partners, the Health&Wealth project is not only an action to meet institutional goals, but also a laboratory to test a new development model. Through the project, the Università degli studi di Brescia will be able to ensure that the investment has a positive entrepreneurial and health impact, and promote participation of other private investors.

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