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The University of Brescia should be considered as made up of 8 departments focused on the thematic Health&Wealth project. Education and research activity should therefore be reconsidered as two consistent souls in the project which will therefore tend in time to be the two cultural cornerstones of Health&Wealth. Departmental collaboration under the University structure in the context of the thematic project should promote the acquisition of new funding for education and research activities, including infrastructural activities, such as laboratories and technological enabling platforms, the attraction of selected students and partners who contribute with skills, services and technologies.  The integrated education and research Health&Wealth project will operate within an oriented and structured context to promote, coordinate and facilitate effective enhancement of research and technological transfer to ensure generation of the expected impact and in an international context which concerns both attracting students and teaching staff and researchers, and taking part in international projects and collaborating with international partners. The dissemination activities for society as a whole will also be important for the project to be successful and will need to get the territory involved. 

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