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The territorial dimension

The University of Brescia conducts research and educational activities, including in collaboration with other universities and research organisations and manages value creation processes. The first level of action is Brescia, which has a high concentration of excellent health facilities, plants and enterprises that are still sound and competitive and banks and capital in general. The region of Lombardy offers excellent infrastructures and an important network of relations between bodies of the same type and international relations (think of EXPO 2015). Italy is our institutional territory of reference, but it should also be attractive in terms of culture, historical, artistic and landscape heritage, and, more generally, the environmental wellbeing perceived. Europa is the reference for the integrated development processes (think of the six-month Italian Presidency and Horizon 2020).
A more practical way to look at the territorial dimension is to consider UniBS as the reference point for the project's management and implementation activities, Brescia and Lombardy as the territory for testing the project and implementing the evaluation and scaling-up phases, Italy and Europe as the areas with which to discuss the project policy and its impacts.

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