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The thematic dimension

The Health&Wealth theme places “integrated thematic development” at the heart of action, i.e. the ability to enhance and fully utilise research results and new knowledge in order to positively impact development and competitiveness, prevention and treatment, safety and quality and aim to attract both Italian and foreign people, enterprises and capital. The integrated thematic development focuses on the broad areas of interest of Health&Wealth, with the intention of creating more projects which, by pooling research results, will be able to make it to society level. The key themes are:

  • Longevity
  • Environment
  • Lifestyles
  • Technologies for Health and Wellbeing

The themes will be broken down into action areas which, in their autonomy in terms of subject matter and application, should aim to meet the same goal, which is in any case the testing of research- and new-knowledge-based development models. In this regard, the Università degli Studi di Brescia is the driving force behind the initiative and also its director, as it will in any case need to ensure the extensive participation of other partners, both local and national and foreign. This is about testing a new community model whose strength lies in its specific themes (this is why the University first needed to break down its mission into themes) and which should become a national leader thanks to its very identifying theme and a centre for attracting investment in terms of finance, people and enterprises.

Cross-cutting themes encompassing the entire project run alongside the key themes, without further thematic specification but with the aim of ensuring various areas of impact. The cross-cutting themes are:

  • education and culture
  • enhancement and transfer
  • internationalisation
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