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The thematic University

Thematic universities are new to the Italian university scene. Universities are almost always non-specialised in nature, with the exception of just a few examples comprising mostly Polytechnics and certain private universities with an economic and social vocation. Non-specialised Universities do not define their own identity or their own vocation. Nor do they define their own goals, apart from those applicable to education, research and development of the local area. Thematic Universities independently create their own identity and define research and educational strategies working towards the objective identified by the identifying theme. In this sense, while education and research are both instruments and goals for non-specialised Universities, they are only instruments for thematic Universities, because the goal is the theme.

In accordance with this model, the University of Brescia has defined its mission as follows:

The mission of the Università degli Studi di Brescia is to focus its activities mainly on the Health and Wealth of people in the Environment, through the integration of its own cultural and scientific areas and in partnership with Italian and international partners working in the health, economic-industrial and socio-institutional fields, in order to generate knowledge to educate the new generations and take an active part in the progress of Brescia, Italy and, in general, the world.

The mission statement identifies two important characteristics of the activity of the Università di Brescia: the freedom to establish the identifying thematic area and the responsibility to identity the goals of the same. 

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