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Health&Wealth: the Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Health&Wealth is the new thematic project of the University of Brescia, grounded in new knowledge, research, culture, health, wellbeing, technology, legality and progress: these will all become integrated into a vision of sustainable economic development in which the person and their values are the central objective.
Health&Wealth is a project aimed at the transformation of both our way of living and of thinking, such that economic and industrial systems can thrive while respecting culture, people and the environment.

The Health&Wealth strategic plan adopted in 2014 is aimed towards developing smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, in a modern industrial society in which wellbeing does not result solely from wealth but it is also ascribed to a blend of culture, environmental quality, sustainable urban choices and healthy lifestyles. This common vision shared by its faculty, researchers, and employees, is transmitted to the students and to the community at large.

Research and education priorities at the University of Brescia will be directed towards the development of activities of the Health&Wealth framework, with a collaborative effort of our areas of Economics, Engineering and Technology, Law and Medicine on the following four major topics:

  • longevity,
  • environment,
  • lifestyles,
  • health and wellbeing technologies.
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