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Admission to bachelor’s and master's degree courses A.Y. 2018/19

Calls have been published concerning admission to the following courses:

  • Law (Bachelor's and Master's degree, registration deadline September 6th at 1 pm, test on September 14th):
  • Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering (registration deadline for TOLC-I tests August 30-31, test on September 5th and 7th);
  • Master’s degrees in Engineering (admission request until September 24th);
  • Bachelor’s degrees in Health professionals (registration deadline August 23rd at 1 pm, test on September 12th);
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnologies (registration deadline September 4th at 1 pm, test on September 17th);
  • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences (registration deadline August 31st at 1 pm, test on September 14th).
  • Master's degree in Exercise, Rehabilitation and Nutrition in an Aging Society (registration deadline September 14 th, test on October 5th);
  • Master's degree in Medical Biotechnoogy (registration deadline September 21st at 1pm, test on October 4th) 
  • Master's degree in Science and Tecniques of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities (registration deadline September 21st at 1 pm, test on Octobert 8th). 
  • Master's degree in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences (registration deadline October 2nd at 1 pm, test on October 26th);

Calls are expired concerning admission to Medicine, Dentistry, Architectural Engineering, Master's and Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management

At the following links please find all the information about the admission procedures (IN ENGLISH) and about the calls already published and the admission tests (IN ITALIAN) 

Enrollment Procedures

Ammissione ai corsi di studio

Bandi per l'ammissione ai corsi di laurea e laurea magistrale

Tuesday, August 7, 2018