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Advanced Course of "Acupuncture and related techniques – Module 2"

A new call for applications for the 2015/2016 A.Y. has been published.

You can apply ONLY ONLINE; the deadline is Friday 30 October 2015.

The call (in Italian) is viewable in the linked pages.

This post-graduate level course provides theoretical and practical training for doctors of Medicine and Surgery wishing to acquire basic skills for the critical and rational use of acupuncture. Since Western Medicine does not yet fully understand the action mechanisms of acupuncture, tools will be provided for a critical attitude so this technique may be applied to complement Western therapy in clinical situations where its usefulness has been documented. Unlike previous editions, only Module 2 will be offered, so the doctors that took Module 1 can complete their training. Future adjustments are expected for this course.

This choice is motivated by the entry into force of the new agreement approved by the State-Regions Standing Conference in its 7 February 2013 meeting, concerning the criteria and procedures for acupuncture training and practice quality certification.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015