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Brixia2 is here: the new car's design

Brixia2 is the result of experience gained by the UniBS Motorsport team during racing in 2014 and the continuous desire to improve.

The new car’s design was driven by two goals in particular; firstly, to reduce the weight drastically, because making the car more lightweight provides a number of fundamental advantages for a racing car: it improves the vehicle’s performance and efficiency, and reduces consumption and pollution, one of the yardsticks for judging at the Formula SAE competition. The cutting-edge, revolutionary materials and advanced construction and design technologies used reduced the weight of Brixia2 by 20% compared to its predecessor. Secondly, special attention was to be paid to engine management: a new airbox, a new electronic mapping system and a new gearbox will enable Brixia2 to improve significantly in terms of both performance and, especially, power delivery management. The brand new Drive-by-wire (electronic accelerator) will give a further boost to the study of innovative solutions.

The implementation of aerodynamics represents unprecedented innovation and scientific experimentation. A dual rear diffuser enables the car to exploit the principles of fluid dynamics and will help Brixia2 brave the tortuous roads of the Formula Student circuits.

Thursday, July 30, 2015