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International scholarships ranking lists

The appointed Commissions approved the final ranking lists for the international scholarships funded by University of Brescia and addressed to holders of foreign qualifications. 
All candidates, both winners and eligible for the scholarships, will receive an email with our pre-acceptance letter you can submit to Italian Representations abroad in order to ask for study visa.
The email gives also useful information to eligible candidates aiming at applying for regional scholarships and accomodation at campus: the relevant notice will be published in July 2020.

Finally we encourage you to enroll in University of Brescia despite of all the news about COVID-19 health emergency you may have heard of: actually Italy has successfully hindered the virus spread and our university has achieved significant outcomes in order to keep the academic community alive.  Italian scenery and UniBs activities after COVID-19 health emergency 


LMINT scholarships ranking list  

STAR PVS scholarships ranking list   

STAR International protection scholarships ranking list

Tuesday, May 26, 2020