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Update on the AlmaLaurea surveys

By way of Presidential Decree published in the Official Journal 15 January this year, the AlmaLaurea Consortium becomes part of the Italian National Statistical System (SISTAN); an important recognition for work undertaken over the years with all the participating Universities.

After the Universities participating in the Vulcano-Stella in initiative joined the Consortium, in 2015 the documentation on the relevant surveys was included within the AlmaLaurea system. This was the conclusion of an ambitious, well-structured and complex project that allowed to reconstruct the historical series of graduates of the last five surveyed years, from 2010 to now, also thanks to the collaboration with Professor Giambalvo from the University of Palermo and Dr Montalbetti from Cineca.

The results achieved have allowed to create a database relating to 71 Universities, which represents over 90% of Italian graduates, establishing a point of reference for government bodies, families and researchers.

The integration of documents also involved the transfer of the CVs of all the graduates from the Universities participating in the Vulcano-Stella initiative onto the AlmaLaurea platform.

The documentation relating to the Profiles and Employment Status of the graduates, organised by University, degree class and degree programme, was published on the reserved area of the AlmaLaurea website, which can be reached through the related websites. Access to said reserved area is reserved for the University referees appointed for this purposes, through use of the relevant credentials.

Furthermore, it should be noted that from this reserved area it is possible to access useful information in order to complete the Scheda Unica Annuale (SUA, the "annual single form" for the design, realisation, self-assessment and re-design of study courses).

The survey on the employment status of graduates from Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes of 71 of the 73 Universities in the Consortium will begin in March 2016 and, for the universities that participate in it, will also include graduates from Master's Courses and PhD Programmes.

Thursday, February 18, 2016