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Group of Vision Systems for Mechatronics

Description of the research group

The research group is committed to applied research, development, testing, teaching and consulting in computer vision, lasers, optics for mechatronics and biomechanics.
The activity includes three-dimensional and two-dimensional vision for industrial robotic, on-line quality control, reverse engineering, non destructive testing, biomedical imaging, vision for cultural heritage documentation and forensics.

Research activities
  • Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks for gesture recognition and safety applications in robotic cells and collaborative robotics;
  • Metrological characterization of Time of Flight (TOF) sensors;
  • Development of 3D measurement principles based on Depth From Defocus (DFD) e Depth From Focus (DFF) using liquid lenses;
  • Development of autofocus algorithms based on liquid lenses for compact low cost systems;
  • Wear and fatigue monitoring of wheel-rail specimens using vision systems integrated on bi-disk test benches;
  • Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping: applications to manufacturing, automotive, cultural heritage and biomedicine.
  • Vision for quality control in manufacturing;
  • Integration of vision in robotic cells for improved performance and robustness.

Vision Systems; Computer Vision; Non Destructive Testing; Collaborative Robotics