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Sociology of economic processes and sociology of labor

Description of the Research Group

The Sociology of economic processes research group comprises only one researcher, Lino Codara. PhD in Sociology and social research (University of Trento), as Associate Professor he teaches Sociology of Organisation (Master Degree in Management engineering) and Urban Sociology (Master Degree in Architectural engineering). He has been researching, for years, on the themes of the work transformations, of the industrial relations and  negotiation.

Research activities

The research activity falls under two fields of study. The first one concerns the organizational transformations connected to the "fourth industrial revolution". It analyzes:
the consequences of the new industry 4.0 paradigm on the working activity, on the professional profiles and the employment dynamics;

  • the organizational models matching with the new technologies;
  • the forms and contents of the industrial relations;
  • the deep transformations of the service companies and the new forms of business related to the sharing economy, the platform economy and the gig economy; 
  • the new associations of the platform workers, of the self-employed workers, etc.

The second field of study concerns the negotiation processes of intra- and inter-organizational nature. The main issues are:

  • the negotiations within the organizations through which different actors and coalitions, while pursuing their goals, ensuring the necessary cooperation for the organization survival;
  • the negotiations between interdependent collective actors operating within regulated social systems, such as the industrial relation system, the international relation system, the political system.

Industry 4.0; Sharing economy; Industrial relations; Organisation; Negotiation

Group members