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Industrial Systems Engineering

Description of the research Group

The "Industrial Systems Engineering " group deals with the main aspects of the design, operation and management of industrial systems, with reference to work systems, logistics systems, technical systems and service systems (including informative and control systems, environmental safety and quality management systems) in an integrated processes perspective, including the whole supply chain perspective and life cycle approach.

The Group's activities concern complex systems that produce goods and services through the integrated use of different productive factors, both tangible and intangible (raw materials, energy, machines, labour, knowledge, etc.); systems that for the sake of brevity and in adherence to a significant cultural tradition can be referred as “Industrial Systems”. The approach adopted by the group is systemic, and emphasizes the relations between the competing aspects of production and and related services.

The purpose of Industrial Systems Engineering is to show, identify and select the alternatives that better allow to achieve a coherent flow of the different product resources into a plant, so that the production of goods and services can be efficient, effective and sustainable.

Research activities

The "Industrial Systems Engineering" group conducts research in the field of the technological processes and technical systems that realize the production, encompassing the relationship between productive factors that make production activities competitive and sustainable, including the human factor as central resource of industrial activities, considering the effects that production processes have on the environment.

The Group's mission is to develop its own teaching and research strands in an integrated vision with the territory at local, national and international level and to transfer this knowledge to students through teaching and to companies through scientific and institutional collaboration.

The main areas of research for Industrial Systems Engineering are:

  • Design and technical-economic optimization of industrial plants and auxiliary systems
  • Ergonomics, safety and environmental impact analysis of production systems and industrial products
  • Management of production factors and production, quality management, energy, maintenance systems
  • Industrial logistics, procurement and inventory management, handling and transport, production and logistics supply chains
  • Integrated information systems

The research activities of the "Industrial Systems Engineering" Group in recent years have been mainly focused on topics worthy of scientific study or on which there have been requests for development and analysis by bodies, associations, production companies with which the Group maintains and regularly increases profitable collaborations with mutual benefit.

The main research and knowledge transfer topics are following reported:

  • Environmental and sustainability analysis of industrial systems
  • Environmental and energy management systems
  • after-sales service management of durable goods
  • Digitalisation and automation of production and logistics processes in industrial companies
  • Analysis of procurement, production and distribution processes and customer-supplier relationships
  • Optimisation techniques in production planning, materials planning (inventory management) and production scheduling
  • Design and management of production and logistics supply chains, also inverse (circular economy)
  • Safety and ergonomics of work systems and industrial products
  • Technico-economic evaluation and feasibility analysis for the efficient use of resources in industrial plants (use of renewable energy, carbon footprint etc.)
  • Production performances framework for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Energy efficiency evaluation in industrial systems

Supply Chain Management; Logistics; Sustainability; Energy efficiency; Ergonomics

Group members