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Group of Metallurgy

Research activities
  • Characterization of alloys and products:

    Tensile, bending and compression test;
    Fracture mechanics;
    Optical and electronical microscopy;
    Fatigue test;
    Wear test;
    Corrosion test;
    Thermal analysis;
    Rheological test.

  • Innovative materials:

​    New alloys;
    Strength Steels for automotive parts;
​    Metals for electrical applications.

  • Additive Manufacturing:

    Characterization of metallic powder;
    Mechanical and metallurgical characterization of AM parts;
    Investigation on corrosion, cavitation erosion and wear resistance of AM parts.

  • Automotive and Transportation:

    Railway: Contact fatigue and wear analysis of high speed railway wheels;
    Automotive & tracks: Analysis and optimization of components and production technologies;
    Lightening: study and characterization of new alloys and technologies for weight reduction;
    Failure Analysis: Study and characterization of the failure mechanisms of metallic components.

  • Surface treatments and coatings:

    Anti-wear and anti-corrosion coating;
    Cold Spray and Warm Spray for repairing steel components;
    Welding: Study of conventional and innovative welding technologies for aluminum alloy.

  • ​Optimization of mechanical properties of metallic parts:
    Improvement of casting performance by modifying the alloy chemical composition;
    Improvement of casting performance by optimizing process parameters and standard/innovative heat treatments.
  • Metallurgical production and environmental impact:

    Life Cycle Assessment di componenti automotive;
    Trasformazione delle scorie da EAF e produzione coprodotto acciaio.

  • Foundry and ultrasound treatment of liquid metals:

    Confronto con i trattamenti standard;
    Aumento di densità della lega dopo US;
    Modifica della microstruttura.

  • Simulation:

    Mold filling and solidification of castings and ingots;
    Heat treatments;
    Development of innovative simulation techniques;

  • Archeometallurgy:

    Study of ancient metallurgical techniques;
    Study of ancient findings and conservation methods;
    Experimental reproduction of techniques and artefacts.


Microstructure; Coatings; Mechanical properties; Steel and cast iron; Non ferrous alloys

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