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Mechanical and Thermal Measurements

Description of the research Group

The Mechanical and Thermal Measurements research group focuses its teaching and research activities on metrology and measurement systems, investigating different research topics, both in the industrial and the biomechanical field. The group also manages the MMT Lab, which, beside teaching and research, provides lab testing services, test bench design and consulting for the industrial sector.

The Mechanical and Thermal Measurement group actively collaborates with all the other labs and research group of the department, in particular with the Vision System for Mechatronics Group.

Research activities

Test bench for vibrations and impulsive load characterization

Different research projects, funded by industrial partners, were carried on to develop or improve test benches for experimental material characterization, working under impulsive conditions or subject to vibrations. New bench designs, based on uncertainty budget analysis, were developed to optimize the measurement capability.

Industrial diagnostics

Using an operational modal analysis approach a set of mathematical and technical tools were developed to identify defects and damages in a solid body using acceleration data. Particular care was taken to ensure such methods could be implemented on the field, without requiring a tightly controlled environment.

Measurements for biomechanics

In collaboration with other research Departments and clinical practices, different measurement systems were developed to acquire forces and movements of the human body, especially in the field of rehabilitation, biomechanics and human observation. In most cases ad-hoc experimental measurement benches and suitable biomechanical models were created to assess loads and movements of internal features of the human body.


measurements; biomechanics; vibrations; industrial diagnostics; uncertainty test bench.

Group members