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Management Engineering

Description of the research Group

The activity of the Management engineering team focuses on two main tasks:

  • Research in the areas of labour economics, international business, innovation management, and family business.
  • Lecturing in business administration, organisation planning, strategic management, and industrial economics to students in undergraduate and graduate levels
Research activities

Educational mismatch

  • The economic return to investments in education; the consequences of over- and under-qualification in the Italian labour market and in international labour markets
  • Educational mismatch e (mis)alignment between required and provided skills

Technological change, labour organisation, and industrial relations

  • Techno-organisational change and evolution of professional skills profiles
  • Skills transfer
  • Evolution of reward models and incentive models to align individual and firm targets

Internationalisation and innovation processes

  • Outward and inward internationalisation of Italian firms and impact on the economic system
  • The relationship between innovation and internationalisation
  • Public policy evaluation

Family business management

  • Internationalisation process in family firms: location, timing, mode of entry, involvement
  • Innovation behaviour of family firms
  • Explore the succession process and analyze how it can be managed effectively
  • Adopting a governance approach and following the insight from Upper Echelon Theory, understanding how the CEO characteristics impact on family firms strategy

Labour economics; Educational mismatch; Foreign direct investments; Innovation; Family businesses.

Group members