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Applied Acoustic Group

Description of the research Group

The Applied Acoustics group was born to provide future engineers and external companies with the essential elements to understand and control noise and vibration problems.

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for new skills in the field of acoustics and vibration, such as the construction of complex sound propagation models and the prediction of material sound absorption and insulation characteristics. This is now the driving force behind the Applied Acoustics Laboratory activities, ranging from specialist consultancy to research in innovative materials and technologies. To accomplish these challenging tasks, certified professional instruments are part of the laboratory equipment. The Applied Acoustics Laboratory has been ISO 9001 certified since 2016.


Research activities
  • Dynamic and acoustic properties of composite materials
  • Sound absorption of porous and metamaterials
  • Muffler design
  • Characterisation and construction of sound sources
  • Building acosutics
  • Room acoustics
  • Sound intensity
  • Acoustic emission by Corona discharge

Acoustics; sound reduction index; sound absorption; metamaterials; sandwich materials.

Group members