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Control System Group

Description of the research group

The Control Systems research group focuses its teaching and research activities in the field of industrial control and environmental modelling and control. The group manages the Industrial Control Laboratory and performs also the research activity in the Laboratory of Applied Mechanics and Robotics and in B+LabNet (Environmental sustainability) Laboratory.
The research activity is developed in the framework of EU, national and regional projects, in cooperation with national companies and in cooperation with national and international institutions and research institutes.
The members of the group participate to various technical committees of IEEE and of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) and they contribute to the organization of international conferences and workshops.

Research activities

Industrial control:

  • trajectory planning and control of industrial robot manipulators and mechatronic systems
  • design of (event-based, fractional) PID-based control systems
  • design of control system for general anesthesia
  • modelling and control of microalgae systems

Environmental systems modelling and control:

  • 3D on-line and off-line models for air quality simulation, forecast and assessment
  • data-driven simulation and forecast models
  • Integrated assessment modelling
  • decision models and decision support systems for air quality planning 

Process control; Mechatronic systems; Modelling and simulation; Decision support systems; Environmental and biomedical systems

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