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Web Accessibility

What is web accessibility?

In general, accessibility means the ability of computer systems, in the forms and within the limits permitted by technological know-how, to provide services and information that can be used, without discrimination, even by those who require assistive technologies or special configurations due to disabilities.   Achieving accessibility in a web environment means allowing any user to access the site, and use the services and information it provides regardless of operating environment, navigation tools and browser configuration.


We are always keen to improve the accessibility of our web content. If you find any content that is inaccessible, or you have any suggestions that may help us make our content more accessible, please notify us by email stating:

  1. Your first and last name 
  2. The full address of the site on which you found any errors
  3. Non-compliant web pages or sections: describe what difficulty you encounter and add the full address of the inaccessible page
  4. Tools: specify whether you browse the site using a PC, smartphone or pad, and what operating system, browser, compensatory tools and assistive technologies you have on your devices

Submit a report to accessibilita-portale@unibs.it