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In accordance with article 15 of Italian Law no. 183/2011, which came into force on 1 January 2012, the Public Authorities and public services providers can no longer request or accept certificates issued by other public offices from private individuals. The citizen shall self-certify that they meet the requirements specified and the Public Authorities and Public Services Providers shall accept these self-certificates, under penalty of breaching their official duties.

There are two categories of self-certificates, as follows:

  • Declarations in lieu of certificate (article 46 of Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000)
  • Declarations in lieu of affidavit (article 47 of Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000)

Declarations in lieu of certificates can be used to declare a series of statuses, personal qualities and facts as explicitly provided for by law, and replace normal certificates.
Declarations in lieu of affidavits can be used to declare statuses, personal qualities and facts, including about third parties, of which the person concerned is directly aware - subject to the exceptions expressly provided for by law - and which are not included amidst those that can form the subject matter of declarations in lieu of certificates (listed in article 46 of Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000).

It is important to remember that the person concerned is personally responsible for what they declare; if the Public Authority has a well-founded doubt on the truthfulness of what has been declared, then it shall perform suitable checks and adopt any measures where applicable.

Self-certification forms can be found attached to this page.

Foreign Students

Citizens of non-EU countries, who have a valid residence permit, may only use self-certification or a declaration in lieu of certificate for data which can be attested to by the Italian Public Authorities. Specifically, therefore, statements pertaining to statuses, personal qualities and facts which can be certified by the Student's Services, such as enrolment at the University, examinations passed, etc.