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Admission to the Study Programmes in Engineering

Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees, Combined Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Engineering are:

Requirements for admission to the Bachelor's Degrees 

Access to the School is open to diploma graduates that have completed five years of secondary school and those holding a diploma from a teacher-training or artistic high school who have completed an additional one-year course with positive results. All degree graduates can enrol in any other degree programme, regardless of their secondary school qualifications.


It is forbidden – on pain of cancellation of any enrolment subsequent to the first - to enrol at the same time:

  • at more than one University
  • in more than one Degree Programme at the same University
  • in single courses at the same university
  • at Higher education institutions for linguistic mediators (former Higher education institutions for translators and interpreters - Italian Ministerial Decree no.38/2002)