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Admission to the Bachelor's Degrees in Engineering - TOLC-I

Admission requirements
The admission to a bachelor’s degree course requires upper secondary school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized suitable. Admission of students in possession of suitable qualifications from abroad is regulated by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research's "Norme per l’accesso degli studenti stranieri ai corsi universitari” (Regulations for admission of foreign students to University programmes). Provisions for students in possession of foreign qualifications are available in the web pages International students (link in the column on the right).

Duration of the study programme
The educational pathway is organised into a 3-year Programme  including 180 credits



A mandatory but indicative test TOLC_I  (online CISIA Test for Engineering) is required. The test is organized by the University of Brescia cohoperating with the CISIA Consortium (Interuniversity Consortium for access Integrated Systems). The indicative test aims to assess whether the competence of students in core subjects is adequate and consisting in the needed requirements to successfully take the chosen degree.

Provisions for TOLC-I admission test
At the University of Brescia two phases are scheduled:

  • early admission test from March to July 2019  (Early admission test timetable for a.y. 2019/2020 - in Italian language)
    (for students in possession of the upper secondary school diploma and for students attending the fourth year of High School or above) 
  • 4 and 6 September 2019 admission test
    (only for students in possession of the upper secondary school diploma).

The admission application form for the test TOLC-I  must be submitted online.
1. Candidates should as first step register on Unibs web site (only if they have not done any registration before).
2. Then they should apply for the admission test directly on the site CISIA Consortium TOLC-I (TEST ON-LINE CISIA) and pay the test fee of 30 euros.

Disabled students declare their status during registration for the TOLC-I. They will then be contacted to make arrangement for any requirements necessary.


Candidates can undertake TOLC-I admission test in all universities belonging to CISIA. 

TOLC-I takes place on a personal computer, in computerized classrooms of the Engineering Department in Via Branze 38 or 43 in Brescia (the classroom will be indicated on the registration receipt issued on CISIA website).

The TOLC-I test consists in 50 multiple-choice questions (five responses of which a correct one), divided into the following sections: Mathematics; Logic; Science; Verbal Comprehension. It is given a 1 point for each correct answer, -0.25 points for every wrong answer, 0 points for each not answered. 
An English language section made of 30 questions is also included: the score obtained in this section is not taken into consideration for candidates aiming to enroll in Università degli studi di Brescia, therefore there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

Candidates are given 2 hours and 5 minutes to complete the test

Mathematics 20 50 minutes
Logic 10 20 minutes
Science 10 20 minutes
Verbal comprehension 10 20 minutes
English language 30 15 minutes
TOTAL 50 + 30 110 + 15 minutes

After the test the candidate has the chance to see immediately on the screen the data of the supported synthesis test, the score for each section and the total score expressed in absolute terms. The vision of results proves that data and given answers have been saved successfully.

September 2019 test outcomes
Students who in TOLC-I of September achieve score greater than or equal to 18 to 50 (excluding questions related to knowledge of the English language) can enroll, according to the instructions published in the call for applications, to any three-year engineering degree course.
Those who in TOLC-I of September will not reach the fixed 18-point threshold to 50 questions and that you will find in the last 300 ranking positions, will be assigned Compulsory Extra Education (OFA) to be carried out according to the modalities indicated in the admission notice. 

Early test outcomes - 2019
​Candidates who achieve in early tests a score less than 18 to 50 (excluding questions related to knowledge of the English language) will be able to redo monthly the TOLC-I  within July.
Candidates who achieve in early tests a score greater than or equal to 18 to 50 (excluding questions related to knowledge of the English language) can enroll in any three-year engineering degree course, according to instructions given in the notice.

Early test outcomes - 2018
Students who were in their fourth year of high school in 2017/2018 and sat the early TOLC-I test from March to July 2018 achieving a score higher than or equal to 18 to 50 (excluding questions related to knowledge of the English language) are allowed to enroll in the a.y. 2019/2020 starting from September 2019 only if they already obtained their high school diploma. The application has to be handed in to the Students' career office for Engineering area together with a document stating the TOLC-I outcomes.

OFA - Compulsory Extra Education

Candidates who fail to achieve the minimum score of 18 out of 50 (excluding English language questions) in the September TOLC-I test have been assigned Compulsory Extra Education (OFA). OFA have been attributed to candidates who did not undertake the September TOLC-I test, too.

Regardless of the assignment of Compulsory Extra Education, candidates can enrol on any one of the bachelor's degree courses in Engineering. They have to carry out OFA within the first year of enrollment according to the following methods: 
Procedure per assolvere agli O.F.A. (obblighi formativi aggiuntivi)  in italian language
Educational meetings time-table http://mariagrazia-naso.unibs.it/incontri-di-formazione-informazione-in-matematica-propedeutici-agli-studi-di-ingegneria/  ​in italian language



At the University of Brescia, the result of the TOLC-I taken in the 2019 sessions is valid for enrolment on study programmes for the A.Y.s 2019-20 (students in their fifth year of high school who will achieve their diploma in summer 2019) and 2020-21 (students in their fourth year of high school who will achieve their diploma in summer 2020).

Students must complete enrolment online within the deadline established in the call for applications. Deatailed instructions about the online enrollment procedure will be available in the next months.