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Part-time students

The following study programmes accept part-time registration for a.y. 2019/2020:

Department of Economics and Management - DEM
Bachelor's degrees
Banking and finance; Economics and digital firm (first year only); Business administration
Master's degrees
Business consultancy and training for professionals; Management; Money, finance and risk management

Department of Law - DIGI
Bachelor's degree in Employment and company legal advisor
Single cycle master's degree in Law
Department of Civil, Environmental, Architectural engineering and Mathematics - DICATAM  
Bachelor's degrees
Civil engineering; Land and environmental engineering; Sustainable agricultural systems (first year only)
Master's degrees
Civil and Environmental Engineering; Civil engineering; Land and environmental engineering

Department of Mechanical and industrial engineering - DIMI  
Bachelor's degrees
Mechanical and materials engineering (first year only); Industrial automation engineering (first year only); Management engineering (first year only)    
Master's degrees
Mechanical engineering (first year only); Materials and product innovation engineering (first year only); Insutrial automation engineering (first year only); Management engineering (first year only)     

Department of Information engineering - DII
Master's degrees
Electronics engineering; Communication Technologies and Multimedia.


The student who hasn’t the full availability of his time for justified work, family, health or for other justified personal reasons can opt when registering for the first year or for years subsequent the first for a part-time educational pathway that allows you to carry out activities equal to 50% of the teaching activities scheduled per year of the course, with any rounding, in compliance with the prerequisites in the exams, where applicable by the regulations of the degree courses.



Part-time option is allowed when enrolling in the first year and in any regular year after the first. Those who have completed the standard duration of the study programme are not allowed to opt.

The change of option, for returning to full-time registration, is possible only after two years of part-time attendance.

The number of university credits to be acquired each year by part-time students must not exceed 50% of the activities per year set for the course, except for rounding.

The option for part-time registration does not change the standard duration of the course, valid for legal purposes. In the certifications therefore, both the indication of the standard duration of the course and the overall duration deriving from part-time enrollment will be reported.

When transferring their career to another study programme, part-time students can maintain their status only if the new study programme allows part-time registration.

Part-time students enjoy all rights and are subject to the same obligations as full-time students, without prejudice to any exceptions established by University notices and regulations.

Part-time students must pay the first installment of 156 Euros, and university contributions (second and third installments) to the extent of 65% (percentage established for the academic year 2019/20) compared to those who enroll full time.



The request for part-time student status cannot be submitted for the academic year in which the student has an ongoing procedure for exams recognition following:

  • career transfer from other universities
  • career transfer relating to the degree courses of University of Brescia
  • recognition of prior career after graduation or withdrawal from studies

Students enrolling in the first year must choose the part-time option during the enrollment online procedure. Furthermore they must fill in the specific form and present it to the Career management office relevant to the study area.

Students of any regular course year who intend to renew enrollment on a part-time basis must complete the specific form and present it to the Career management office relevant to the study area.

The request form is available in  Students' information service - Forms

Students are invited to read the following regulations in advance:

Regolamento per la frequenza dei corsi a tempo parziale (in italian language)

Studenti a tempo parziale - Economia (in italian language)