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Enrolment in individual programmes

The following candidates may register for individual courses taught at this University and take the respective examinations:

  • students enrolled in foreign universities;
  • holders of Italian or foreign qualifications suitable for admission to the study programme that offers the individual courses of their interest, provided that they are not enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree for the same academic year;
  • students who enrolled in a master's degree study programme at University of Brescia but fail to achieve their bachelor's degree within the deadlined provided;
  • students enrolled in the Schools of Specialization at University of Brescia ;
  • students enrolled on doctoral programmes, master's programmes or improvement programmes at University of Brescia ;
  • candidates who has achieved the master's degree in Law at University of Brescia and aim at attending courses of the School of specialization in legal professions

Students already enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree programme in any Italian university for the same academic year cannot apply for individual courses.

The list of available courses is published in the web page of each study programme to be selected starting from Academic offer page.
For any further clarifications candidates should contact the Career Management Office for the relevant educational area (appointments are required) and the Teaching Services Unit of the department responsible for the chosen course.



The enrolment application form for individual courses must be requested, filled in, signed and submitted at the Student's Service and Information Unit helpdesk (via S. Faustino74/b, Brescia) for the subjects belonging to the unrestricted degree programmes ( Economics-Law Area and Engineering Area).

2020/2021 a.y.
Registration is permitted from 24 August 2020 until 15 October 2020 for the the first semester/quarter or annual programmes,
Enrolment is allowed from 1st January 2021 until 1st April 2021 for the programmes that take place in the second semester.

Registration is only valid for the academic year of reference. The relative examination must be taken in the examination sessions of the same academic year.


The number of credits permitted in the same academic year may not exceed 60 (sixty) unless other limitations have been set by the university's Teaching Regulations and by what is laid down in the study programme Regulations.


Candidates must pay a contribution determined on the basis both of the value of the nuclear family's ISEE and the study programme which include the selected courses, commensurate to the number of credits they intend to achieve. The contribution is calculated according to the following formula: [stamp duty of €16] + [Contribution due (based on ISEE of students who meet the credit requirement) divided by 60] x [number of credits]. 

The contribution for registration to individual courses is reduced by 50% for those who acquire credits to comply with the requirements laid down by the agreement reached with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Brescia.   

No university contribution is due (but only the stamp duty of €16) for registrations to individual courses by students enrolled in the Schools of Specialization or in Doctoral Studies at the University of Brescia.


Foreign students who are enrolled in or have graduated from foreign universities may be admitted to courses held at the University of Brescia and may take the relative exams receiving a regular certificate. The indications given above regarding the deadlines and the amounts to be paid also apply to foreign students (but students enrolled at universities with which specific agreements are in place or that are part of inter-university mobility programmes are exempt from paying).

1st STEP
To apply for single courses foreign students have to contact via email the International students office (internationalstudents@unibs.it) indicating the courses they have chosen. They should also send a copy of their passport together with the Trascript of records issued by the university with the declaration about enrollment or about the qualification already achieved. Documents are accepted in English or French otherwise they have to be translated in Italian.

2nd STEP
International students office answers confirming the availability of the courses and informing about the costs involved. Only upon having received the answer candidates can send the official request form. 

3rd STEP
Candidates have to prepare translated and legalised documents proving enrolment at the university of origin (Transcript of records) or the obtaining of a foreign degree (Bachelor's/Master's degree diploma and Transcript of records). The official diploma should be also accompanied by the Declaration of value issued by the Italian Rapresentation in the country where it has been achieved. In alternative our university accepts the Statement of comparability issued by CIMEA.

4th STEP
The relevant Teaching coordination board assess the request. In case of approval candidates are allowed to enroll and pay the fees.
- EU-citizens and extraEU citizens already living in Italy have to present themselves at the International students office in order to enroll and submitting their foreign qualifications
- An acceptance letter is sent by International students office to the relevant Italian Rapresentation for Extra-EU candidates living abroad who must apply for visa. After their arrival in Italy candidates should submit their foreign qualifications to International students office.