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Certificates issued by this University for presentation to private subjects shall bear the wording "il presente certificato non può essere prodotto agli organi della Pubblica Amministrazione o ai privati gestori di pubblici servizi" ("this certificate may not be presented to Public Authorities or private providers of public services"); certificates will otherwise be void. This is because, based on Italian Law no. 183/2011, from first of January 2012, certificates issued by the Public Authorities with regard to statuses, personal qualities and facts are only valid and for use in relations between private subjects, whereas certificates and affidavits shall always be replaced by self-certification in relations with Public Authority bodies or private providers of public services.
Once more in compliance with Italian Law no. 183/2011, the certificates, which can only be used in relations between private subjects or for international use, are only on stamped paper to the value of €16.

To obtain the certificates, individuals must:

  • fill in the specific form, to which a revenue stamp of €16 should be affixed (see the attached set of forms);
  • present the form to the desks at the Student's Service and Information Unit, either in person or through a third party (who should carry with them a proxy on unstamped paper and a duplex photocopy of the identity document of the delegating party and the delegated party)
  • attach a revenue stamp for €16 for each of the certificates requested.

Foreign Students

Citizens of non-EU countries, who have a valid residence permit, may only use self-certification or a declaration in lieu of certificate for data which can be attested to by the Italian Public Authorities. Specifically, therefore, statements pertaining to statuses, personal qualities and facts which can be certified by the Student's Services, such as enrolment at the University, examinations passed, etc.

Forms (italian version only)

Public Authorities and Public Services Providers

 Public Authorities

 Public Services Providers