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Find below information regarding the submission and the variation in the study plan or curriculum below.

Curriculum submission for 2018/2019

To complete and submit the study plan, students enrolled in the ordinary programme for the 2018/19 A.Y. for Bachelor's degree programmes or Master's degree programmes in the Engineering area and Economics and Law area, must use the online procedure available on their personal page between15/09/2018 and 30/10/2018.

Students that fall within any of the following conditions should not submit the curriculum online:
- Individual curricula
 - Programme transfer
 - Incoming transfer
 - Shortening of career
 - Enrolment in the 2018/19 A.Y., with standard faculty curriculum, in Bachelor's degree programmes in Economics (Economics, Economics and Business Management, Banking and Finance).

The terms and conditions for the submission and variation of the curricula in the various academic areas are specified in the pages dedicated to Economics and Management, Law and Engineering (see above) .